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About Us

Since 1985, PM&A has worked with numerous organizations looking to maximize performance. Clients include state and local governments, education, public transportation, healthcare, and non-profit service organizations.

Many of these organizations are being forced to do more with less – less time, less money, fewer resources. Every project must contribute to the bottom line. PM&A is committed to ensuring achievement of value for our clients.

We strive to clearly understand our clients’ organizational strategy and business goals. Through this teaming approach, we have developed a loyal base of repeat clients because - we get it right the first time.

Please browse our website for more information on how PM&A can help you with improving your bottom line.

Strategic Priorities

  • Client Focus and Satisfaction 

  • Quality Service Delivery

  • Employee Satisfaction and Development

  • Continuous Improvement

  • Outstanding Financial Performance

  • Community Service and Company Citizenship 


Our Philosophy

PM&A is a service organization. Our jobs exist because of our clients, who are the organizations we serve. We measure our effectiveness by the quality of our services, satisfaction of clients, fairness to our employees and community involvement.

Our Quality Policy

To deliver financial, management and information systems related services that meet and exceed the expectations of our clients. We are committed to continuous improvement of the quality process. To accomplish this objective we will provide training and tools to develop our employees, enabling them to do their jobs right the first time and every time; and provide an environment that will empower our employees to exceed the expectations of our clients, resulting in them being delighted about our services. 

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