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Public School System Implements PeopleSoft to Enhance Operations


Client’s Challenge Existing system was obsolete and did not fulfill the needs of the school system

Effective schools are a critical asset for any municipality. Like all organizations, public schools must continually utilize technology to improve operations and provide a learning environment for students. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems provide a foundation for school district operations and address the management of operational and employee information.

A large municipal public-school district realized the need to upgrade its core information system. An RFP was issued and potential vendors supplied detailed proposals. PeopleSoft was selected as the best fit for the district. The subsequent implementation project needed to be planned and initialed.

PM&A’s Solution

PM&A was engaged to provide project management and implementation support for the implementation of the PeopleSoft Financial and Human Resources/Payroll application.  Activities included the following:


Project Management - provided overall project management, which included planning, management of implementation activities, issues identification, problem solving, documentation, communication, and change management. Worked with technical teams to ensure business functionality was integrated, tested, and implemented successfully.


Requirements Development - requirements were gathered for financial, human resources and payroll divisions through interviews with management and SMEs, review of existing documentation and processes, and review of legal requirements. PM&A also utilized K-12 industry best practice knowledge to ensure requirements fulfilled long- range business needs and district goals. PM&A also assisted with the response to RFP questions, the evaluation of vendor proposals and the selection of the systems integrator.


Business Process Integration - reviewed and modified existing business processes to ensure functionality of the PeopleSoft application would be leveraged for maximum efficiency. Validated existing “AS IS” processes, developed flowcharts, and made recommendations for “TO BE” processes.

  • Developed recommendations to improve efficiency.

  • Developed user documentation required for subsequent implementation and training.


Application Implementation - Cleansed the personnel files of 22,000 active employees to ensure data loaded to the new system was accurate and conformed to documented business rules.

  • Revised or created 75 financial, human resources and payroll policies based on best practices and revised business processes.

  • Developed interfaces between PeopleSoft and other applications.


Training and Documentation - developed training materials and training classes for all stakeholders.

  • Coordinated the scheduling of PeopleSoft training classes for the Implementation Team and all stakeholders.

  • Delivered end-user training for financial, human resources and payroll staff.


Post Implementation Support - developed an interim Applicant Tracking Database using Access for 1,200 applicants for teaching and support positions.

  • Designed and implemented a healthcare dependent verification process that identified and eliminated over 5,000 ineligible dependents that resulted in $5.0 million in annual savings.

  • Provided end-user post implementation support.


Impact on Client’s Business

The ERP PeopleSoft implementation project yielded benefits to the client.

Integrated Information – the PeopleSoft system integrated data across the enterprise and eliminated data spread across disparate databases. It also provided a foundation for future integration with other systems if needed.

Efficiency – reduced need to reenter data into multiple databases.

Streamlined Processes / Business process improvement – the implementation process provided the opportunity to analyze existing processes and implement business processes that met best practice standards.

Scalability – PeopleSoft provided the scalability that could enable the district to expand and utilize the system as needs grow.

Reporting – PeopleSoft provided better and more customizable reporting options. The district was able to respond to complex data requests more easily. Users can also run their own reports without relying on help from IT, saving users time to use toward other projects.

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